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Young Bride With A Curvy Ass

Shreya was a 28-year-old newlywed young bride. Her parents wanted a comfortable life for her. So they married her into a rich family. Her new home was as luxurious as she could imagine. But she lacked the freedom she enjoyed before marriage.

Her husband, Ravi, worked as an architect. Due to his demanding job, he spent weeks at the project site and rarely returned home. This meant Shreya was left in the house with her in-laws. Apart from them, there was also a middle-aged helper, Kishan, who stayed with the family.

Like any other bride, Shreya had sexual urges, but her husband’s obsession with work left her sexually unsatisfied. Her attractive physique caught everyone’s attention in the neighborhood. Even though she dressed conservatively while going out, her sari could not hide her curves.

After her marriage, many neighbors invited her family for dinner to get a chance to stare at her body. Everyone from the watchman to the shopkeepers used to check out her curvy ass when she would walk past them. She enjoyed the attention.

Deep down inside, it also made her sad as she longed for her husband to satisfy her. She eventually turned to masturbation to release the sexual tension in her body. Every afternoon after the elders went to sleep, she would lock herself inside her bathroom.

She would turn on the shower and rub herself while fantasizing about having hardcore sex. She hoped that due to the sound of the shower, no one would notice. But she was wrong.

Like many others, the family helper, Kishan, had been eyeing the new member of the family. But unlike the outsiders who had only seen Shreya dressed in a conservative sari, Kishan had seen her in much more revealing outfits. His favorite part of the day was when Shreya changed into her nightie before bed.

Not only did the nightie fail to cover her thighs, but it also gave a nice view of her juicy tits. Kishan would visit her room every night with the excuse of making her bed. In reality, all he wanted was to watch his mistress walk around in skimpy clothes.

Since Kishan had been living with the family for many years, Shreya didn’t mind his presence in her room at night. Shreya didn’t know the locality very well. Kishan used to accompany her to the market.

He noticed that although she pretended to dress like a conservative wife. She always enjoyed getting everyone’s attention. Her behavior made him suspect that she would eventually have an affair. No way a young bombshell like her would stay faithful to her husband, who was mostly absent.

In the afternoon, after finishing his work, he would often masturbate while fantasizing about Shreya having sex with her lover. On one such afternoon, his desires got better of him. He decided he would watch her sleeping mistress while masturbating.

He walked up to her room but was disappointed to find that her bed was empty and she was taking a shower. Dejected, he decided to try again later, but something caught his attention. He could hear a low moan coming from the bathroom.

It seemed like Shreya was hurt, so he called out her name, but no response came. He suspected the worst. Shreya must have slipped inside and lost consciousness. Thinking it was an emergency, he pushed the door open with force.

What he saw next surprised him. Shreya was lying on the floor with her legs apart and hand over her pussy. She was lost in the euphoria and hadn’t heard Kishan call out her name. Seeing him rush inside, she instinctively closed her legs and pulled them close to her body.

She tried covering her boobs with her arms, but they were too big for her skinny arms. She looked up at Kishan and saw him staring down at her wet body. Despite her best attempt, her boobs were spilling out of her arms. Seeing her in that state, Kishan couldn’t take his eyes off her.

They stared at each other in uncomfortable silence. Kishan finally spoke, “I am sorry, madam, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I heard you moaning, and I thought you had hurt yourself.”

Saying this, he turned back and walked out, leaving Shreya alone on the floor. She was embarrassed that Kishan had seen her in such a compromising position. What if he tells this to someone else? What if he tells this to her in-laws? A million things were running through her mind.

She eventually gathered herself and started looking for something to cover her body. She realized she had left her clothes on her bed. So she stepped out of the bathroom. She found that Kishan was still standing there with a towel in his hand, to her surprise.

Before Shreya could say anything, he came close to her and covered her upper body with the towel. While placing the towel, she could feel his fingers touch against her bare skin. Shreya was conscious that she was still naked below her waist.

Only her hand covered her pussy. Rest everything was visible to Kishan. She tried to break the uncomfortable silence.

Shreya: It’s not like it looks Kishan bhaiya. I was just washing down there.

Kishan held her by her shoulders.

Kishan: You don’t have to be ashamed, madam. What you were doing is a perfectly natural thing.

Shreya blushed. Her flimsy excuse was not enough. She stared at the floor in embarrassment.

Kishan: I understand your situation, madam. A young woman like you has urges that require attention. Unfortunately, your husband doesn’t provide you with that. I am sorry for you.

Shreya was uncomfortable. She didn’t like that someone like Kishan talked with her about masturbation while she stood there half-naked. Kishan’s hands were still pressing down on her shoulders.

Shreya: I don’t know what to say, Kishan bhaiya. You weren’t supposed to see me like that. But now that you have, can you promise me you will keep it a secret?

Kishan: Of course, madam, why would I tell anyone else? I have served this family faithfully for years. I will continue to do so. Seeing you in such a helpless state is difficult for me. If you allow me, I can serve you to the best of my ability.

Shreya: I am grateful for your concern Kishan. But you can serve me well by keeping this a secret, especially from my in-laws.

Seeing her getting worried, Kishan realized that she was desperate.

Kishan: I’ll do that only if you promise to accept my help.

Shreya was apprehensive, was Kishan trying to blackmail her.

Shreya: I can’t sleep with you, Kishan bhaiya, if that’s what you want from me.

Kishan held her face with his palms and lifted it. She was indeed the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. And here she was at his mercy.

Kishan: That’s not my intention, madam. I would never do that to a faithful wife like you. You have maintained your chastity despite your husband leaving you alone, and I admire that. I want to make life easier for you.

Shreya wasn’t sure where this was going. She looked cluelessly at Kishan, who was cupping her face with his palms.

Kishan: There are lot more things you can do other than rubbing yourself. But you need a man’s touch to feel those pleasures. As your servant, I feel it is my duty to provide you with that.

Shreya: It’s not your job to pleasure me, Kishan.

Kishan: No, madam, I can’t see you struggling like this. I see no other way than to inform your husband. If he finds out what you are going through, he will pay more attention.

Shreya panicked at hearing this. Her husband found out about this was the last thing she wanted.

Shreya: No, Kishan! I told you there is no need for that. I can handle it on my own. You don’t have to worry about it.

Kishan: I’ll leave it up to you, Shreyaji. I have already seen you naked. There is no harm in giving it a try. You can take your time to think over whether you want my help or not. Just don’t punish yourself for your husband’s fault.

Saying this, Kishan walked out of the room. He knew he had played his cards right. He left Shreya indecisive. On the surface, Kishan did make sense. It was her husband who had not been paying attention to her.

Why should she be the one suffering because of that? And how wrong can some touching be? It’s not like she was having sex with another man.

The rest of the day, she avoided eye contact with Kishan. She didn’t want to seem too eager for his offer. At night Kishan visited her room as usual to make her bed. Like every day, Shreya was wearing a nightie. But today, she wasn’t wearing a robe over that to cover herself in front of him.

She stayed quiet while he did his work, and after he was done, she sat on the corner on the bed with her legs on full display. Kishan already had an erection by now. “Why was she not wearing a robe?” he thought to himself. Although his work was done, his eyes were still glued to her legs.

As Kishan stared at her, she adjusted her legs, and he caught a glimpse of her bare pussy. He realized she wasn’t wearing any panties, and he hungrily looked up into her eyes.

Shreya was staring back at him. Kishan realized her intent and placed his hands on her thighs. Shreya shivered and held his hands, pretending to stop them. But Kishan knew she wanted it but didn’t want to show she was asking for it. He kept moving his hands up her legs until they reached underneath her nightie.

Shreya had started breathing heavily as Kishan pushed her nightie up to her waist and cupped her bare pussy. His other hand started moving upward to grab her breasts, but she stopped him.

Shreya: This is not for your enjoyment Kishan, remember. You promised you wanted to serve me, now is your chance.

Kishan was not going to argue. This was once in a lifetime opportunity he would get to feel up a rich lady. Right now, his goal was to give her pleasures that she had never experienced before. He parted her legs and pushed her back on the bed.

While looking straight into her eyes, he started eating her pussy. Shreya was overwhelmed by the sensation she felt. She closed her eyes and tried to savor the moment. “This is not cheating,” she kept telling herself. As long as there is no penetration, this should be fine.

The thought of penetration excited her even more. She couldn’t get it out of her mind. Meanwhile, Kishan covered her mouth with his hand as she started to moan. He saw her enjoying herself and decided to take another chance at feeling her breasts.

To his surprise, Shreya didn’t protest this time. She let him grope her boobs. This gave him more confidence. He started pinching her nipples from over her dress. This combination pushed Shreya into orgasm, and she pushed his face between her legs.

Kishan got up and wiped his face, covered in some hard-earned sweat. He knew he had done everything right. After today Shreya would be craving for his magic. He turned back, pleased with himself and walked out.

A day that started with him wanting to jerk off to her had ended with him first watching her naked and then eating her out. He went to bed knowing that all the rich men in the neighborhood would be jerking off in their bathrooms thinking about the woman he had just laid his hands on.

The next morning he woke up planning his next move. He knew his next opportunity might come that afternoon. After lunch, he waited for the elders to sleep and quietly slipped into Shreya’s room. Again he found that she was inside her bathroom taking a shower.

After he broke through the door yesterday, the door could not be locked. So he took his clothes off and pushed the door open. Shreya was rubbing soap on her body when she saw someone enter the bathroom. She was surprised to see Kishan walk in naked.

He was asking for her permission till a day ago. Today he was bold enough to pull his dick out in front of her while she was nude. Kishan just stood there watching the water running down her body. He gently massaged his dick with his hand while making eye contact with her.

Shreya was surprised at his boldness. She wanted to scold him, but the sight of his growing dick softened her response. She would have to use every ounce of her energy to control herself.

Shreya: I wasn’t doing anything, Kishan. I was taking a bath.

Kishan just smiled. It didn’t matter to him whether she was taking a shower or not. He was too horny to give up this opportunity when everyone else in the house was asleep. He came close to her and stood behind her back.

And there it was, the famous bubble butt that every man in the neighborhood had been fantasizing about. As Shreya was shivering under the cold water, her ass was swaying seductively. Kishan would have liked nothing more than to fuck her from behind in that position.

His hands instinctively grabbed her waist, and he pulled her closer to himself. His erect dick found the sweet spot between her butt cheeks, and he began grinding his dick on her ass. But Shreya, who had so far been quiet, was alerted by this.

Shreya: I can’t have sex with you, Kishan. That would be cheating, and I can’t do that to my husband.

Kishan: Don’t worry, madam, I would never do anything without your permission. I respect your choice. After all, you are a faithful wife.

Shreya: No penetration.

He kept grinding despite Shreya’s feeble protest. Precum was oozing from his dick, and it made it easier for his cock to slide between her buttcheeks.

Kishan (whispered in her ear): You need a man’s touch since your husband is away. There is no harm in a little skin-to-skin rubbing.

Shreya kept murmuring, “No penetration.” It was less of instruction to Kishan but rather a reminder not to cross the line. While her mouth weakly protested, her body was giving in. All the rubbing had made wet. She could feel the warmth of his cock pressed between her ass cheeks.

She was longing for such attention. She closed her eyes and arched her back. This gave Kishan the signal to go further. He wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her from behind. Pressed against her body, he realized how soft her ass was.

He tried to grope her breasts, but she covered them with her arms. So he did what he learned yesterday was the best way to weaken her defense. He slid one of his hands down over her clit and started rubbing it.

Shreya was in a trance as she was pleasured from the front and behind. Her grip loosened, and Kishan used that opportunity to cup her breasts. Unlike yesterday, there was no cloth in his way, and he could feel the soft skin of her tits.

He realized Shreya was getting close to her orgasm. So he increased the pace of grinding his dick on her ass. He wanted to cum with her because he knew she would not let him explore her body that easily once she came. Shreya felt the tension building inside her body.

She grabbed Kishan’s hand, rubbed her clit and pressed it even harder. Seeing she was asking for more, Kishan pinched her nipple, and they both climaxed at that moment. Kishan shot loads of cum on her back. He could feel his warm jizz sliding down her body.

Even after he climaxed, he kept rubbing his limp dick on her ass. He was acting like a hungry dog who didn’t know when to get his next meal. Shreya was too tired to protest. She was still gasping for breath. Kishan tried to make the most of this opportunity.

He stepped to her side bent down on his knees. He started licking the breast he had been holding for so long. Her nipples were hard after all the excitement she had just experienced. She tried pushing his face away from her tits, but this was a new experience for her. She was too tired to care, so she let him have his way.

Kishan hungrily sucked on her tits. There was no way he was going to let her go without fucking her brains out. But he had to find a way to convince her. He knew that once she was close to her orgasm, she was much more receptive to his incursions.

But he would have to take things slow. Otherwise, she might push him away. After sucking on her tits for a while, he stood up and cleaned his dick in the shower. Shreya had also gathered herself, and she stepped out of the bathroom before Kishan could try anything else.

Kishan realized he had broken too many boundaries on the same day. He would have to be more patient from now on. He decided not to visit her that night. He wanted her to get more desperate for her orgasm. He wanted her to beg him for more to have the upper hand in the relationship.

Then he could make her do things that she would normally not approve of. He started spacing out the days between his visits to her room, which worked. Shreya was edgier every time he visited her. She would dress seductively to catch his attention.

Every time he visited her, she offered herself to him and let him use her however he wanted. With this plan, Kishan began exploring different things on every visit. Anytime she protested, he would not visit her for the next few days.

He would have her kneel under the shower and place his dick between her juicy tits. She was new to all this, but she quickly learned how to give a boobjob. She would let him suck her tits or eat her pussy. Anything, as long as she could get an orgasm.

Their afternoon session was usually short. But they had much more time during the night when everyone was asleep. He would pull down the straps of her nightie to release her tits. In that semi-naked state, make her sit in his lap. Before going to bed, his dinner was her boobs.

While she was in his lap, his hands would roam freely over her body. The only rule she had was “No Penetration.” other than that. He could grab her ass, feel her pussy and even rub her asshole. But despite getting so much freedom from his mistress, Kishan was greedy for more.

He wanted to find a way to get past her last rule. He knew she wanted his cock, seeing the way she would grind her pussy over his dick. But she wanted to keep pretending that she was not cheating on her husband. Having full-fledged sex would break that illusion.

Right now, she could tell herself that letting Kishan rub her was no different than she was rubbing herself. All this drama made Kishan restless. He was so close yet so far. He had already pushed Shreya so far. He only needed to come up with some excuse to fuck the young bride.

One fateful night he had her lying on the bed with her face down. He was sitting on top of her ass while rubbing his cock between her butt cheeks that he had pressed together. And that’s when it struck him. The perfect excuse he needed to penetrate her was right there in front of him.

To be continued.

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